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Water Delivery Service

Bulk Water Hauling, Cistern Cleaning, Tank Repairs, and MORE

The Bates family has been living in this beautiful valley since 1981, building friendships and growing relationships throughout the years.

Need Some Water Delivered?

Bates Water Pros, LLC is a family-owned potable water hauling company serving Western Colorado. We cover home, business, and construction site needs. Our experienced drivers will deliver your water on time to avoid day-to-day complications.

Our Story

The Bates family has been living in this beautiful valley since 1981, building friendships and growing relationships throughout the years. After over 25 years in the plumbing and water treatment industry, the Bates have come together to give our people an efficient, welcoming experience with any service needed with our water. Farmers, county road residents, pool owners, home owners, and even commercial businesses have notified us with their need over the years.

Bates Water Pros LLC is your locally and family owned and operated team of potable water haulers that is dedicated to providing Western Colorado with the finest, cleanest, purest water. Whether you need it for your home, a business, or a construction site, we have got you covered. Our experienced drivers will deliver your water punctually to avoid any complications in your day-to-day activities.

We will reach residents that don’t have ways of drinking and irrigation water. Many of the rural communities have to haul all their water. Water in these rural areas don’t have potable water.

Our water is 100 percent potable, processed and treated daily, so you can be assured that the water we deliver is safe, clean, and a quality product. This makes our water perfect for residents and also can be used for hot tubs and pools, giving a longer life span to the pool’s filter and pump system.

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

We work diligently from beginning to end to ensure your complete satisfaction with our water delivery services. Regardless of your water requirements, we can assist you. 

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25 years+

Tank Repair

Our technician will perform an inspection of the issue.

Bulk Water Delivery

Our water hauling delivery service is ideal for those in need of bulk water at affordable prices.

Cisterns Disinfection

Cisterns/well cleaning/


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A professional water service is only a phone call away for your home, business, or construction site. Contact us today!

We haul water & provide services to these areas
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Payment Methods


No we only delivery water in a bulk quantity

All our water is the finest water straight from the flatops located in New Castle, CO. All of our water is treated.

Yes! All of our customers have their own custom prices depending of their requests, needs, location, and time.

No, we deliver for any reason you need! Pools, ponds, cisterns, wells, hottubs, stock tanks, and more.

We are focusing on mainly water tanks, if you have a concern about your service please call the office.

Our farthest locations are Debeque, Meeker, Aspen, and Eagle